Difference between Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

Cloud hosting as the name suggests serves as a central virtual server that maintains the websites that are divided among the multiple servers on the web. It’s easier to buy cloud VPS that also reduces the downtime risk which can create problems for the operation of the server. The main website of the client will not depend on only one server but it depends on the cloud VPS maintaining multiple servers. However, there are cheap vps india that is available.

The dedicated servers are those servers that are rented on the computer having the web server, internet connection, and software. The main VPS server is based on the web hosting company and is assigned to a single user or any organization from the main premises of the company. However, all the resources on the server are configured as per the requirement of the user and are operated remotely by the user’s company.
Difference between cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting
• The charges of the dedicated hosting are decided according to a package which is subscribed by the user. The cost of the cheap dedicated server might range between $100 and $1000. But, in cloud hosting the user is charged only for the resources used and only for the time being when they are used.
• The upper limit is not set in the cloud hosting as the bill is created according to the usage of the server by the user. Unlike the dedicated server, there is no covering and restriction on the usage of the server in the cloud hosting.
• The time required for set up is much more in dedicated server compared to the cloud server. The set up in the cloud server is created on clouds of the computers and it takes few minutes.
However, in terms of performance, both cloud hosting and the dedicated servers are comparable.