Get trendy and go kik online to get a feel of a new social media network

Kik is yet another social network medium which joins you to the rest of the world without spending any money. So kik online can connect you not only to your friends but crosses the boundary and helping you to know people from all corners of the world.
Why is the application gaining popularity?
There are certain new features which are making it gain popularity.
• It is absolutely free of cost, and all you need to do is download the application and install it on your Android or the iOS phone and start using it.
• You do not need to put in your phone number and don not even have to sign up with it. All you need is a kik usernames to be connected to people.
• You can chat, make groups and also share video files, music files, and pictures through the application.
• This is one of the applications which can save you chunks of money since you do not need anything else other than the application and an internet connection
So now you can be kik friends and make life cool
• You need to do is get the get the application downloaded and started off. You need to put in simple information like your name, age, gender and a user name. That is all the details. So there is no need to be worried about getting personal information getting diverged.
• More so there are rooms of interest, like if you are interested in music or cricket and be one of the . So it is better to be kik boys than being alone when you have the option of inviting friends from other social media.
• You can have a chat on that particular subject, and there are others who can get in touch with you and become friends. Kik girls can even form their own group including the school friends and otherwise.