If you demand the best in drug testing technologies, go for 5 panel drug tests


Drug testing has become part and parcel of every industry. It is now extensively used by many employers to assess the employees. It is considered to provide safety, increases productivity and other reasons. It is also done by police to determine whether a person is intoxicated or not. It is applied in the field of sport and game too. With the application of drug testing entering into new avenues, it becomes mandatory to go for the best kind of services. 5 panel drug tests have set industry standards that are best and most reliable.

The 5 panel drug tests include testing the following drugs
 Cocaine
 Marijuana
 Heroine
 Morphine
 Codeine
 Amphetamines, meth, crystal meth
5 panel drug tests are most reliable and accurate
Drug test 5 panel are the most reliable drug tests. These drug tests are conducted by collecting the biological specimen like urine, hair, blood, saliva, etc. most of the commonest are the widely used test is the urine test. The next specimen that gives the best results is blood. Using this 5 panel test, you can receive the result within two working days, and it is easy to book for the testing online. You can register by phone, email or visit your nearest lab location.
Suitable for all work establishments and easy to perform
These drug tests are recommended to enhance the performance at the workplace. There are many other reasons apart from this. The person who is not addicted or works in the influence of drug proved to be less reliable and unproductive. The tests are done to ensure the high performance. 5 panel drug tests give you the facility to go for pre-employment, post incident and random testing. Opting for 5 panel tests gives the confidential and accurate results.