Importance of Runescape Grand Exchange

Runescape Grand Exchange was introduced in 2007. Other Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games like Word of Warcraft and several others have what we called auction houses.
The Runescape Grand Exchange was first of its type, made by Jagex and also has several unique characteristics that I am going to go through as you read on.

Free World Trading vs Runescape Grand Exchange
Prior to the swap to the newest trading system, Runescape is a world of trading that is free. Every player can buy or sell things and/or free runescape gold among themselves. This creates an enormous issue for Jagex.
A large number of web sites sprung up around the spots to sell items and Runescape gold for real cash. And this is treated by Jagex quite seriously.
So, in order to stop this from happening and a large number of other players paying cash to other web site rather than Jagex themselves, they change to the exchange system.
This significantly impacted countless players, since many of these stop, just some of them cracked the code of the Runescape Grand Exchange and multiply their abundance in Runescape many hundred folds.
Runescape Grand Exchange vs Real World Stock Exchange
I want to connect Runescape Grand Exchange as nearly similar to the real world stock exchange. And in case you monitor the history of human development, our ancestors started off as free runescape gold traders also, until we’ve got a focused trading system.
If you buy a thing in USA, if both your order fit and another player sells thing A in Australia, the exchange will fit the order.