Some interesting facts of richest celeb Johnny depp

Johnny depp is an American actor and producer and he is most talented actor of America and the net worth of Johnny depp is around $400 million. His annual salary can reach up to $100. Till the date Johnny depp has done many great and successful movies and his successful movies have grossed over the $3 billion in America and around 7.5 billion in the worldwide at the box office. Jonny was born in Kentucky and at the age of 15 he dropped from the school and then he joined the band, and moved to the Los Angeles. Then he decided to join the acting and done the minor roles, and there are many information’s of Johnny depp on .

For what he got the prize
He won the starring role for the TV shows 21 jump street, and the Johnny depp has very unique and the best storied career. He played many offbeat roles in the television and the movies. He got the selection in many acting roles. Few roles were missed by him according to his choice. He was the well talented actor which has done many interesting character throughout his life.

Johnny depp gives the a list production to Hollywood

This have propelled that Johnny depp movies are the top a list movies in the Hollywood productions. There are many interesting points of Johnny depp which are been given on the There are many complex character which are been played by Johnny. He appears as the caption jack sparrow in the movie pirates of the Caribbean this movie changed the life and the Johnny depp. He was the best actor and got many prizes for that movie and the character was loved by every person of the world. This movie achieves a great success in the entire world.