Top Richest billionaires celebs in the world

Donald Edward is a top American business tycoon, also well-known as the heir, President and co-owner. His net worth reaches up to $8.7 billion. He was born in the year 1930 in New York go to to gain more knowledge about his struggles to become a billionaire. Donald marries Susan Marley in the year 1955. Susan was a daughter of junk dealer who later turn into a millionaire. Donald has six grand children and three own children.

Mansur Zayed alhan is one of the top billionaire in the world. He was born on 20 November in the year 1970 as the 5th son of Abu Dhabi sheikh, Mansur sheikh was one of the top most famous names when it comes to riches. He was studied in Santa Barbara College as an English scholar in the year 1989 and comes out graduated from United Arab Emirates in the year 1993.In 1997 he became chairman of presidential office as well as the first minister of the country. Mansur also have huge name in the field of sports from their he earns a lot as he has win many racing tournaments and he was a follower of Arabian horse Racing.
Bill gates with a net income of $77.1 billion he becomes the richest gentleman around the world, in the year 2013 Bill gates alone increased his income from $15.8 billion to $78.5 billion. He manages his incomes throughout Cascade investment, which invests in a huge range of businesses, as well as Resorts, Four season hotels, and Corbis Corporation. To know what bill gates has dreamt to build from his money then go through
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