Trendy Geek Gadgets

Being the geek with all the coolest gadgets is difficult. But you can now locate all the most recent tools in a single spot.
This post will cover an extensive variety of toys and coolest items to order on, from watches to tools to pleasure. Learn what all the geeks that are cool are purchasing this year!
-Stainless steel 8GB video watch – This watch sports a 1.8inch LCD screen and 8GB of flash memory. It’s possible for you to watch all of your favourite videos any time, anyplace.
-Wifi finding watch – And so next occasion you go to work on your notebook, you’ll learn just where to sit. This watch gives you wifi signal strength on a range from 1 to 8 using some a button.
-Glow Brick – This can be a real life light bulb encased in a acrylic block and light is absorbed by it through the day and luminescence at night. Really cool.
-Blue Laser Pointer – Be the first one in the office using a laser that is blue! This uncommon colour will set you apart from your contest.
-20-sided fuzzy dice danglers – I do not know what to say except – you did not understand they made them and you know you need some!
-Ironkey – I give this one the geek gadget award for coolest thumb drive ever! Files are encrypted and password protected. After 10 unsuccessful password attempts, the drive self destructs! The physical drive is filled and electron protected to avoid tampering.
-MicroJet lighter torch – Using a disposable light or the enclosed fuel cell, you are able to develop a butane blowtorch. For anyone blustery days when you have to finish off, or to light a fire, fixing that leaky pipe that creme brulee for dessert.