What punters should know about accumulator bets

Punters always look for ways of winning a lot of money from just one bet. For example, a punter can stake a small amount of money on a womens footy game priced at over $2.00. But most novice punters try to make money fast by staking on accumulator bets. Accumulator bets increase the value of odds and winning such a bet from a small stake amount can bag a punter a huge amount of money. But there are certain things about accumulator bets punters should know. First, increased odds in a typical bet increases the risks of betting on the events selected.
In other words, if a punter increases the number of games on their betting slip, there will be a high probability of one game not turning out as predicted. In this case the bet will be lost. Secondly, bookmakers always restrict the amount of money a punter can win in a typical accumulator bet. Even if a punter is lucky and all their selections on their womens footy betting slip win, the bookmaker can put limits on a punter’s potential profit. When this happens, a punter’s return will be limited to a specific amount of money. This actually depends on the bookmaker and a typical limit on most betting sites is $20,000.
This can be annoying to the punter and can make things very complicated at the same time. Bookmakers are in the business of making money and this makes them very allergic to punters who win huge amounts of money. For punters, therefore, the best way of beating the bookies is to try and look for valuable womens footy odds and bet on single selections rather than going for multiple bets. Single bets have low odds but the amount a punter can win can add up to make huge profits in the long run.